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TCM Cruise Sets Sail Again

As I get ready for a two week vacation on my own ocean cruise I can’t help but think of what’s coming up for those fortunate enough to take part in the 2nd TCM Classic Cruise. When Turner Classic Movies (TCM) wrapped up the 2012 Classic Film Festival last April the powers that be made two very important announcements. One, that the festival was going to continue to be a regular annual event, and two that the second TCM Classic Cruise was set to sail in January 2013.

Everyone pretty much expected the first bit of news. Anyone who attended the four-day event knew that there was no doubt TCM was going to have to keep coming back to Hollywood… forever. However, it was a bit of a surprise (and a relief to some) that the network was also continuing with the now annual cruise in the winter. Sailing out of Miami on January 21, the six-day trip will return on the 26th, and promises to be as fun-filled as the first go around. Although, that may be a bit of a challenge considering the impressive amount of star power previously involved.

The last time TCM set sail in December, 2011 the passenger list included Academy Award® winners Ernest Borgnine and Eva Marie Saint, Tippi Hedren, director Norman Jewison, Ben Mankiewicz and of course Robert Osborne, as well as nearly 2000 of their dearest fans. So whom can TCM possibly have in mind this time? Perhaps some of the same stars as before mixed in with a few newcomers maybe? The list has yet to be announced. However, I predict it will be a mix of some old with some new since the organizers will no doubt want to attract those who missed out last time as well as lure repeat travelers who will require the excursion to be fresh and exciting.

The idea of the cruise is of course to give fans the opportunity to spend time getting to know the TCM host and their special guests while also enjoying extraordinary films, taking in wonderful ocean vistas and soaking up the Caribbean atmosphere. This was a brilliant idea, and certainly one that was enough of a hit to justify doing it all over again. The 2013 TCM Classic Cruise will depart from Miami, traveling to Grand Cayman and Cozumel. The five-night voyage is aboard the luxurious Celebrity Constellation (I’ll be aboard the Equinox in the Mediterranean). In addition to the ocean liner’s highly rated amenities, travelers will be treated to a wide variety of movie-themed events and activities, from screenings and panel discussions to trivia contests and other gatherings.

If I weren’t already involved with a family cruise this year (one that had been planned months ahead of time) I would very likely be making my way to Miami in January. But alas, I shall have to wait another season before I get my chance to lie in the sun with Robert Osborne. That is, if there is a third trip. My bet is that there will be. If the success of the Classic Film Festival is any indication TCM will not only make the Cruise an annual event, they’ll have to keep coming up with all sorts of other star-studded get-togethers to keep their fans satisfied. And that makes my classic film heart happy.

Pre-sale orders are now being taken. Additional information, including a video recap of the first-annual TCM Classic Cruise, is available at

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