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I Have My Plane Ticket for the Next TCMFF

I started looking for good prices the minute I knew what the TCM Festival dates would be. April 25-28. I could almost smell the popcorn. Oh, OK, I popped some in celebration but I was enthused. I am enthused. And why shouldn’t I be? This is the TCMFF and I have every reason to expect nothing but good films and great memories of watching exceptional movies on the big screen in Hollywood.

Somewhere out there is a happy staff of people plotting a line up of films that haven’t been seen in years and are ripe for a new audience, films that have thrilled loyal audiences on the small screen for decades and will awe those lucky few of us that get to view them as they were meant to be seen (on the big screen in a darkened theater). Orchestras are getting ready to provide such seamless, fine performances that you and I will forget they are live and that the movie was silent and be brought to our feet, not just clapping but cheering at the end.

Mind you that same staff is plotting to confound us with three films we really want to see all being shown at the same time, luring us in to see a film we would have skipped over in another time slot and thus broaden our horizons. And these same people (knowingly or not) will provide us with an exercise regime that requires us to hoof it up – or is it down? - to the Egyptian and back again at a fast march required if we want to see the films we’ve been waiting to see. The ones we’ve always wanted to see on the big screen but never have.

Determined film fans will ebb and flow up the escalators and down, in and out of the theaters, fetching up in little tide pools of humanity to await the forming of the next line. Meeting new friends and greeting again the familiar faces from past years make the long lines and occasionally long waits as enjoyable as the movies they have come to see. The experience of past festivals leaves me aware that bathroom breaks will have to be carefully planned and that lunch and dinner are not really items for the agenda. Last year a selection of energy/breakfast bars - you know the kind with nuts and fruit and for the most part as chewy and tasty as it is nutritious - did nicely to keep my tummy from rumbling over the sound track. Carrie (the site’s Editor) must be given credit for the idea, but Cece (Carrie's twin) gets credit for picking out the tastiest ones.

I have no idea, right this minute, which films are being shown. But I know whatever the selections are I will have a hard time choosing , and love every minute of the selection process. Anticipation grows – to know what will be shown – for the doors to open so one can surge in with the flood of other film lovers, each of us out to find our prefect seat (I like to be toward the rear and middle-ish.) Anticipation, most of all, for the house lights to dim and the screen to light with the invitation into the fantasy, the fun, the drama, that other world that is Classic Film.

Did I tell you I have my plane tickets?

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