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Classic Film Watch

ClassicFilmWatch is a website devoted to classic cinema that is simply bursting with information on films, festivals and news on special screenings. It’s particularly impressive given the relatively short time the site has been active. In fact, it’s been around just since the last TCMFF in April of last year. I like to think I had a little something to do with its emergence. Site creator, Mary McCord and I met in line outside the Egyptian Theatre for one of the festival’s many screenings and we talked about my site. When she told me about her strong background in journalism I figured she was a natural for a site like this, and it seems I was right.

Much like this site, Classic Film Watch explores a wide variety of topics geared to those interested in classic movies. We’re pretty similar in approach, but what classic cinema fan couldn’t use another site keeping a "watch" for, and reporting news about events, DVD releases and more. An aspect unique to the site are the features about movie palaces. Mary also has a challenging trivia page (she really stumped me on a few). As Mary continues to add content you can expect to see a review on Rita Moreno's new book, an article on the 30th anniversary of A Christmas Story, photos of the lighting up of the Lyric Theatre which has been under renovation in downtown Birmingham, and a feature on Bat Masterson and his portrayal in the movies (she’s working with a direct descendant on that one). She’ll also be going on the TCM Classic Film Cruise in December and will be tweeting daily from the ship (as technically possible).

Like ClassicFilmFan, ClassicFilmWatch is not a commercial enterprise. It exists solely because Mary loves classic cinema and enjoys sharing her passion with like-minded film fans, which really comes across in every word she writes. I hope to meet again at the TCMFF 2014 and compare notes and see who else we can inspire into loving and writing about the classics.

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