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Walking Dead: Are Morals Upheld in Crisis

The Walking Dead, developed by Frank Darabont from Robert Kirkman's graphic novel, is a series that interprets modern day people adapting to an apocalypse. Naturally, there is a lot of action and suspense that brings this comic to life. The Walking Dead is a great show because of a great plot and the sub-plots that leave you shocked. Many times in the TV series, the characters are put in a situation where they have to choose to hold on to their morals or go against them and do what it takes to survive. This series is full of tragedy where a character can make one tiny mistake and their life is gone, or make one ill- advised choice and life as they know it is gone.

In the show the characters demonstrate different perspectives because of the differences in age and gender. Rick, a righteous and moral police officer; over the course of the show slowly changes the way he thinks and acts. Carl, who is Rick’s son, looks to his father for guidance while also being his father's advisor and right hand man. Carl is taking the role of being the guardian of his baby sister. Michonne is a strong independent woman with nothing left dealing with issues from the past and guilt over the choices she has been forced to make. This makes it tough for her to trust and open up, but it also is a blessing because when she does open up she will sacrifice everything to help the group thrive. Glenn and Maggie are two young adults that have found love in the time of the apocalypse and the constant factor of danger puts overwhelming pressure on their relationship. They must learn to adapt to the situation they are put in and keep their love strong.

The main plot is the adaptation of modern life, a twenty-four hour job, to fight constantly for survival and letting go of morals to make it another day. (SPOILER ALERT) In the beginning Rick wakes up from being in a coma from a violent car crash, in panic he looks for his family, which is hiding in the woods with another family they met. Michonne had just gotten back from work when she found her brother now zombie eating her infant child and husband. Glenn was stuck in a building surrounded by zombies living off of the gift shops. Maggie lived and worked on a farm the zombies had not yet reached. These characters all came from different backgrounds with many different morals. Their fight for survival changed them into people they would never imagine being. All these people lost people they loved or had witnessed tragic things and altered their state of being.

In my opinion this is one of the best shows out ever directed and acted. The emotions portrayed in the series are so genuine and the plots and sub-plots leave you wanting more. The actors play their roles perfectly and express their personal problems well. The scenery is always different so it seems as if it was a real life apocalypse. The death in the story is very frequent and accurate. Accurate in a sense, that if you do not know how to survive then you will not last long in this world. Many times shows try to make up bogus reasons on why the main characters don't die, I believe The Walking Dead does not make this mistake. I also love the way The Walking Dead adds new characters constantly and gets into the background stories of them. The Walking Dead is a well thought out and performed show that has captured my heart and many others.

Overall this show is an action packed thriller that keeps the audience on their feet. Many people cannot stop watching this show because it is so engaging and interesting. The suspense keeps the people wanting more and more because of the plot that is so unpredictable and constantly twisting. All in all the characters make this show so relatable because of the hardships and obstacles people face in everyday life. Also due to the variety of characters you can often time see yourself in them so you feel compassion towards them and their decisions. There are lots of hardships within the show, which the characters must tackle, but they have to choose right in order to survive, even if it is not morally correct.

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