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Black Friday Deals on Classic Films Everyday

The day after Halloween ads pop up for Black Friday countdowns. Not just for store events but online buying as well, particularly for DVDs of holiday themed films, standard classics, and the latest popular movies. I urge you to keep your eyes open, because shopping local is apt to save you more.

Without a doubt, in the realm of American economics Christmas has become a commercial endeavor, and has been for quite a while. Consumers anticipate the rash of sales and businesses expect an onslaught of income, especially on Black Friday (nick-named thus for the boost the flood of sales gives to a business’ bottom line). However, with the continuing infiltration of the Internet upon our everyday lives the tradition of lining up outside of shop doors to ensure first pick at the best savings should be a thing of the past. And in fact maybe this year will be the year we see an end to the all-night campouts, stampedes and mid-night shopping, because this year the stores are coming clean and letting the consumer know that they can get the best price on any item any time they like from the comfort of their own homes.

It’s true. Almost anything you can get “on sale” in a store this year is available from that store’s online website for the same price, if not less. In fact most sites offer online shopping incentives you can’t get at the brick and mortar shop in order to defray the cost of shipping and to keep you online longer with the hope that you’ll continue to shop and spend more. I say almost because many stores have the so-called in house specials on sale all the time. This is especially true with DVDs. You just have to keep your eyes open and be willing to purchase gifts out of season. I know that whenever I’m in Barnes & Noble, Target or Costco to always scan over the DVD section for the odd price reduction. The extra low price items are always better than online and you don’t have to figure out the math to optimize the cost of shipping.

And don’t fall into the belief that there is only one place (online or otherwise) to get the best price for a particular item. It may take sometime, but a thorough Internet search will give you the best results whether or not you end up buying online. Nor should you be concerned with any time crunch when making purchases online. With today’s twenty-four-hour, seven-day-a-week shipping options, you should be able to get whatever you want delivered up to the very day you want it.

Of course, it never hurts to shop early, but don’t strain yourself doing it. There’s really no reason. Unless you like the kind of bonding with strangers that comes along with camping out over night on concrete outside of a mall I wouldn’t advise it. Cold, achy, and anxious is no way to begin the most wonderful time of the year. I suggest you sleep in, relax and enjoy this November 27th. Then when you’re ready to join the consumer fray you do it how you want to, when you want to, and begin the holiday season on your own terms, making it a holiday you’ll truly enjoy.

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