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HDNET MOVIES "Western Icons" Features "Never-Before-Seen" John Wayne

HDNet Movies and John Wayne's son, Ethan will be opening a vault of never-before-seen photos and rare memorabilia of the Duke's for the networks' WESTERN ICONS film collection to be seen May 18th thru the 28th. Wayne will host 10 nights of western classics celebrating his father and the legendary actors of his generation with a double-feature each night at 7pE/4pP, including two films starring The Duke on May 26, which would have been the cinema icon's 111th birthday. Headlined by two John Wayne epics on Saturday, May 26, WESTERN ICONS will showcase 20 cinema classics starring legendary actors Clint Eastwood, Kirk Douglas, Randolph Scott, Gary Cooper, Paul Newman, Sidney Poitier, Dean Martin, Charlton Heston, Gregory Peck, Charles Bronson, Sidney Poitier, James Stewart, Omar Sharif, Robert Mitchum, Rock Hudson, Burt Lancaster, Chuck Connors, George Kennedy, Lee Van Cleef, and Joel McCrea. Plus there's a 24-Hour Memorial Day western marathon on Monday, May 28.

HDNET MOVIES is widely distributed by major cable, telco, satellite and streaming TV providers in the US. To find HDNET MOVIES in your local area, visit The network showcases the best in box office hits, award-winning films and memorable movie marathons, uncut and commercial free. The channel was launched in 2003 by entrepreneur Mark Cuban (shark Tank). The linear TV network and VOD service programs a diverse slate of top Hollywood films in beautiful high definition.

Before each film, Ethan Wayne will tell personal stories about the stars, many of whom he built relationships with while growing up on movie sets with his father. Stories include such moments as advice John Wayne gave to Clint Eastwood early in his career, how John Wayne kept his friendship and had civil discussions with Paul Newman despite differing political views, and John Wayne’s witty banter with his pen pal Kirk Douglas while Wayne was in the hospital. Ethan Wayne (named after The Duke's character in The Searchers) will also share a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes photos and select memorabilia related to the films from his collection at John Wayne Enterprises. Some rare pieces include John Wayne’s original prop assistant card from his first job in cinema on the Fox Film lot. There's also a list of his five favorite films, as written on a card he filled out for The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

“The western film genre and the core values of grit, honor and loyalty that my father embodied both on and off the screen are what he is still best remembered for today,” says Ethan Wayne. “Both fans and anyone that wants to get immersed into the classic western films will enjoy this special feature. We gave HDNET viewers a glimpse into my father’s world that few have seen.” It should be a memorable ten days of cinema, made all the more enriching by a son's perspective of a beloved father.

For a complete schedule of films and times, use the image above as a link to the official site. It includes Paint Your Wagon, Gun Fight at the Okay Corral, High Noon, The Alamo, The Sons of Katie Elder (a personnel favorite of mine), and The Unforgiven.

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