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More Reasons To Join TCM Backlot

As a member of the online press media, I received a free membership to the TCM Backlot upon its inception. For me, the real fun of the fan club has been getting to meet others in my area who love TCM and classic cinema in general. Local chapters are encouraged, and special perks are offered for screenings to those chapters.

I have yet to take advantage of the full site and everything membership has to offer. For instance, I don't take advantage of the various contests where all you have to do is submit your name to be eligible for tours such as TCM behind the scenes, tours of national archives, and a contest to visit the Library of Congress. That's right. The actual Library of Congress (I didn't even know that was possible). These tours are designed for a small select group of fans to see all the machinations of film preservation and a chance to meet the people who keep film alive. I mean actual film, as in original movie prints that are threaded through a projector.

And now TCM Backlot is offering a contest to tour The Museum of Modern Art’s Film Preservation Center. Located in Pennsylvania, this is one of the most extensive and exclusive film collections in the world. It houses and restores 30,000 films, including 5,000 fragile nitrate prints. This Film Preservation Center is not open to the public, but the folks at TCM Backlot have arranged a private tour late next month, and you can win a couple of spots (for you and a guest) if you're a member of TCM Backlot. Oh, and you get a free TCM t-shirt when you join too.

So, what else do you need as an incentive to join a club that gives you so many great opportunities to see, feel, and experience cinema history first hand? How about the possibility of being an on air co-host with Ben Mankiewicz? Or contributing to the results of the TCM in Your Hometown Contest? There are also Live events on social media, where you answer questions and win prizes. And if you join a local chapter you can get free tickets to Fathom Event screenings too.

But don't take my word for it. Use the image above as a link to the official website and check everything out for yourself. I have the feeling true classic film fans will take the dive and join up with great enthusiasm. Hope to see you on one of the exclusive tours!

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