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"The Graduate" at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery

The Film Society, Cinespia will be presenting the 1967 classic comedy/drama, The Graduate at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery July 28 at 9P. The presentation is part of their annual Summer Under the Stars series, and with the season beginning to wind down, I suggest you make it a priority to catch this particularly memorable film in an unforgettable setting at a world famous venue.

Hilarious and provocative, this is the film that redefined the times. Or perhaps, brought them into sharp focus. A young Dustin Hoffman stars in his breakout role as an aloof post-grad trying to make sense of life after college. He has returned home to the humdrum suburbs to spend a summer moping in his room and lounging by the pool as he contemplates his meaningless future. That is, until Mrs. Robinson (deliciously subversive Anne Bancroft) chooses the bumbling Benjamin for an affair. But then Mrs. Robinson’s daughter enters the picture and is encouraged by her father to date the aimless young man. Will Benjamin go from anti-hero to hero regardless of the hopelessly complicated situation for a chance at love?

With a soundtrack that defined a generation by Simon and Garfunkel and direction by Academy Award winner Mike Nichols, it’s sure to be an exceptional night with this incomparable film. Pack a picnic with beer and wine, visit the eye-catching photo booth and listen to the music of the 60s for this memorable evening under the stars. Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson! You may just be the event of the summer... at least for classic film fans.

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