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August on TCM: Summer Under The Stars Returns

TCM’s ultimate movie star showcase, Summer Under the Stars, returns for its 17th year. Come join in paying tribute to 31 stars in 31 days. More than likely you'll see familiar favorites and discover new ones as well.

Ever since I discovered TCM, August was a month I looked forward to every year. That's because in August, instead of the usual single "Star of the Month" there was a new star celebrated every day, all day. It's a chance to catch up on the films of a star you've never seen, and watch some gems from previously undiscovered artists. It's a perfect excuse to sit around and watch movies all day. It's research, culturally enriching, and possibly the first excuse for "binge watching" before the term became synonymous with NetFlix.

I particularly look forward to the well-known faces I adore, such as Gary Cooper (Saturday, August 11), Katherine Hepburn (Sunday, August 5) and Clark Gable (Saturday, August 18). But I have to say that over the years a have come to experience a little excitement over the new comers, or additions to the usual suspects as they say. Every year the schedule is dominated by the popular stars, but TCM goes out of the way to come up with half a dozen or so names that have previously never made the list. Thus, introducing stars to the TCM audience who are less well-known, or just aren't one of those one immediately thinks of when coming up with a list of 31 stars.

This year the list of newcomers includes Lionel Atwill (The Big House, Captain Blood), Audrey Totter (The Set-Up, Lady in the Lake), Dorothy Malone (Written on the Wind, The Last Voyage), Lupe Velez (The Squaw Man, Mexican Spitfire), Anita Louis (Midsummers Night Dream, The Little Princess), Carroll Baker (Giant, Baby Doll), and Agnes Moorehead (Citizen Kane, The Big Street). All of these actors are worthy of a day spotlighting their work, and should be better known by classic film fans. Take some time to get to know them better by setting your DVR for one or two of their films.

Old or new, binge or catch as you can, how ever you go about it, the programing for Summer Under the Stars is guaranteed to entertain. After, all it's an opportunity to show each and every one of these stars at their best. This is exactly what TCM is known for - showcasing the great films of yesteryear.

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