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TCM Announces the 2020 Classic Film Festival Opening Night Film: Back to the Future!

Here is the latest exciting news for attendees of the upcoming 2020 Turner Classic Movies Classic Film Festival (TCMFF). The 1985 time traveling comedy Back to the Future will be the opening night film Thursday, April 16, 2020! Attendees will also be excited to know that the three top stars, Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, and Lea Thompson will be in attendance along with screenwriter Bob Gale to walk the red carpet and introduce the film with a panel conversation hosted by TCM prime time host Ben Mankiewicz. And as an added bonus, the 35th anniversary screening of the mega-blockbuster will be presented for the first time in a 4k remaster.

“Like virtually everyone else of my generation, I saw Back to the Future when it was released in 1985 and within an instant, the story, the characters, the music, and the car, of course, became critical touchstones in my personal cinematic universe,” said Ben Mankiewicz, TCM primetime anchor and official host of the TCM Classic Film Festival. “

The film is an inspired choice to kick off the festival, which boasts the theme “Grand Illusions: Fantastic Worlds on Film.” The specifically curated schedule promises to offer audiences enchanted worlds of fantasy, and stories beyond belief. From this point forward the programmers will be scanning the world for cinematic myths and magical creatures, ghostly encounters and, as in the case of Back to the Future, travels through time. These will be films that have ignited the imagination for many years, and will continue to do so for many more to come. The opportunity to see them again, or even for the first time, on the big screen is a joyful experience not to be missed. It really is the best way to see any film that has had a theatrical release. And being a part of a live audience provides an experience that simply can not exist in any other style of presentation.

Every year festival fans await word of what the TCMFF's theme is to be. Although the theme is not meant to encapsulate the entire schedule, it does influence the selection of a major portion of the yet to be completed list of films. Of course, this sparks great imagination in the minds of fans who imagine what classics could potentially fulfill the description. The excitement of this reveal is second only to the announcement of the opening night film, which is met with unparalleled enthusiasm. It's like confirming the coming of a festive holiday.

Following press releases will announce additional films, confirmed special guests, and specifically designed events. With each new bit of news the anticipation grows for the actual start of the four days of cinematic celebration that can't be matched. As every TCMFF attendee can tell you, there is only one TCMFF. It's an event that never disappoints and always surprises. No wonder TCM fans wait for it all year. If you haven't been, you've got to make a point to do so. Once you have, you'll catch the fever and understand why fanatics praise it. I promise you it will fulfill your expectations, and make you a devotee of the annual event. Don't miss out!

Screenings and events during the festival will be held at the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX, the TCL Chinese 6 Theatres, the Egyptian Theatre and the Legion Theater at Hollywood Post 43, as well as other Hollywood venues yet to be announced. For the latest news and information, follow us on social at #TCMFF.


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