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TCM In June 2020

Every month Turner Classic Movies (TCM) lines up some terrific programing featuring a multitude of themes. It all changes from month to month, just like the Star of the Month (Ann Sheridan this month), and this month is no exception. The June 2020 themes include a TCM Spotlight on Jazz in Film, the LGBTQ Critics Choice, History of the Swimsuit, Fathers Day, and a segment of The Essentials. So, to barrow a quote by Bette Davis an All About Eve, buckle your seat belts, it's going to be an awesome month!

Jazz in Film: Hosted by Eddie Muller, featuring a rotation of co-hosts including Mercedes Ellington, Monty Alexander, Christian Sands, Wynton Marsalis and Regina Carter. I am particularly intrigued by this spotlight having attended a high school with a very strong Jazz program, validated by inclusion in the highly esteemed Monterey Jazz Festival on a yearly basis. Each Monday and Thursday in June, TCM will air films that highlight the art of jazz as represented in films with much of the music I grew up on. Jazz is the only truly American art form, and although movies emerged roughly around the same time it was a world wide collaborative effort. Since nearly the beginning, Jazz has been featured in films through songs, performers, and scores. The slated films include a few personal favorites, such as Anatomy of a Murder, Some Like It Hot, and Stormy Weather. Click here to learn more.

LGBTQ Critics Choice: In honor of Pride Month, two film critics, Alonso Duralde and B. Ruby Rich, join TCM Host Dave Karger to discuss a series of films with LGBTQ themes. These films have been selected based on the personal impact they have had upon these two critiques, including Victim (1961), Orlando (1992), and The Watermelon Woman (1996). Tune in Friday, the 12th and Friday the 26th to watch these inspiring films. Click here to learn more.

History Of The Swimsuit: Here's something unique. This month TCM will be including a focus on the most popular beachwear known to man. With the start of summer, TCM offers a refreshing look at swimwear in the movies and how it has evolved over the decades, from 1932's Tarzan the Ape Man to the Beach Party pictures of the '60s, and The Blue Lagoon from 1980. There's a few less obvious choices as well, such as 1932's Joe E. Brown film, You've Said a Mouthful and the 1966 Tony Curtis vehicle, Don't Make Waves. Tune in Wednesdays in June starting June 10. Click here to learn more.

Devoted fans of Turner Classic Movies (TCM) already know about The Essentials. It's a yearly, seasonal series that highlights the films essential to the yearly guest host. Past hosts have included Alec Baldwin, Sally Field, and Ava DuVernay. This year TCM has continued their hot streak of quality hosts with Brad Bird sitting in the chair across from host, Ben Mankiewicz. The Essentials: Every Saturday since May 2 acclaimed director, screenwriter and animator Bird selects films for The Essentials, hosted by Mankiewicz. Together they present some of the most essential films ever made. For the first Saturday in June, Bird and Mankiewicz discuss David Lean's sweeping epic, Lawrence of Arabia (it doesn't get much more essential than that). Tune in Saturday, June 6, and click here to learn more.


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