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The Maltese Falcon 80th Anniversary

Iconic Film Noir classic, The Maltese Falcon is celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2021 with a two day re-release of the film in theaters January 24 and 27. The must-see classic film stars Humphrey Bogart in a career defining role as Sam Spade.

This is one not to be missed, and I can't think of a better way to see any film than on the giant screen of a movie theater.

Future Academy Award® winner Bogart is a tough San Francisco private detective who takes on a case that involves a deadly band of international thieves who lie, double cross and murder to obtain a small, jewel-encrusted statue known as the Maltese Falcon. The three eccentric criminals are played by an impressive cast of classic film actors. Mary Astor is the gorgeous femme fatale, Peter Lorre plays a canniving con artist, and in his film debut, Sydney Greenstreet is the dasterdly charming linchpin. Even the small roles are portrayed by stalwart studio contract players such as Ward Bond, Elisha Cook Jr., Gladys George, and the director's father, Walter in a non-speaking cameo.

Although the plot appears to be simple, the story is famously convoluted. The John Huston script is based on a book by Dashiell Hammett, the master author of detective stories is generally credited with setting the format for the hard-boiled detective genre. However, when Huston (a first time director) turned to Hammett for clarity on some of the baffeling crucial plot twists, the author was unable to provide any clear answers. Rather than being concerned about the confusion, Huston was actually relieved to know that the audience would never be able to out guess the ending. And it's true. I promise you're going to sit back and enjoy the ride without giving the story holes a single thought - even though I just told you about them!

As Fathome Events says, "It’s thrilling, it’s chilling and it’s back on the big screen for a special 80th anniversary event." And because the presentation is associated with TCM, there will be exclusive insights presented before each screening by one of the on-air hosts. I can't think of a more perfect way to be introduced to one of the most respected films of all time. But don't take my word for it. See it for yourself and let me know if you disagree. I look forward to knowing your reasons for standing outside the crowd.

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starship  trooper
starship trooper
01 déc. 2021

Ana!ing it is that old. When I first saw it was 55 years old.

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