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SnagFilms is an online resource for watching movies for free. The breadth of available genres is wide and varied from the classic to the artsy and many other possibilities in between with many options being little known gems. So whether you’re into seeing Francis Coppola’s foray into horror or catching the latest sweetheart of the independent film festival circuit, SnagFilms may have exactly what you’re looking for, and at no cost to you either.

Most of the website is predominantly devoted to films that are NOT classic in the true sense of the definition. However, the list of films available that are 20 years or older are unique finds you’re not likely to run into anywhere else. Not without some real effort, and not without a loss of quality. Yes, you may be able to hunt down something in the public domain online, but what the heck is that going to look like? I recommend starting your search at SnagFilms in order to save a lot of time and frustration.

The Manifesto at SnagFilms is a simple one. They believe you should have free access to high-quality entertainment, and they’re happy to be the ones to create a library of carefully selected films for you from which to choose. They actually spend a lot of time making each selection, relying on their own judgment and the recommendations of only their most trusted resources, including you. That’s right, you have the power to watch and recommend great movies. Get started now by using this fabulous resource (link).

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