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Art of the Modern Movie Poster

As the cool wrapper band around the book proclaims, more than 1,500 international posters make this the ultimate book on movie poster design from the last 60 years. As appealing to design fans as it is to movie buffs, Art of the Modern Movie Poster is a feast for the eyes that draws even the most casual peruser deep into the pages of iconic poster art from around the world. A glance through this book is a walk down the memory lane of your movie-going life.

The credentials of the authors are unquestionably on par with the best film art aficionados. With two designers, a film critic and the owner of THE poster gallery in New York, I don’t see how you could have gathered a better team for such a visually stunning tribute to the art of promoting the movies in all its glory. What’s particularly noticeable from page to page is the love of the movies this quartet obviously shares. It’s expressed with every turn of the page, from one exquisite layout to the next.

Understandably sizable, this tome (the word book seems too small) has already been deemed the first and last word on post-WWII film poster design. The poster work includes examples from fifteen nations around the world, as far ranging as Japan, Turkey, Belgium and former Yugoslavia. Each culture’s unique take on what is emphasized on its country’s poster is fascinating and thought provoking to say the least. The unexpected takes on familiar films will likely provide the most entertainment.

Gathered from the renowned collection of the Posteritati Gallery in New York, which is one of the largest holdings of international film posters in the world, this volume is the definitive survey of both film and popular graphic art in the modern era. Truly a must-have for film buffs, design and poster aficionados alike.

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