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TCM Remembrance Montage 2011

Every year come mid-December TCM produces a cinematic ode to those associated with the film industry who have passed away during the last year. Although just five minutes in length, the montage sequence is full of iconic images and memorable moments of those responsible for the movies we love.

Below is TCM’s 2011 Remembrance Montage. The cinematic collage is produced annually as a special tribute to those in the industry who have passed away during the calendar year. It is a lovingly crafted homage to the known and the unknown, the famous and the forgotten. As you will see some of the faces will be familiar and others less so, but you can bet that there’s somebody somewhere who will catch their breath upon the sight of that beloved personality. Personally, I am inspired to find out more about those I am unable to place. I crave to know what they did, when and where within the pages of cinema’s history, regardless of notoriety. I encourage you to take a moment to watch this well-produced series of clips and still photographs. I have no doubt you’ll be as touched as I by the idea that so much talent has left us never to be seen again.

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