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Kim Novak in Person at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood

The lovely Kim Novak, a cool and sophisticated icee blonde, was the #1 box office star in the world for three years in the late 1950s. The legendary actress starred opposite such well known performers as Jimmy Stewart, William Holden and Frank Sinatra, and worked with only the biggest directors including Alfred Hitchcock.

There is no doubt that the film for which she is probably best remembered is Hitchcock's Technicolor masterpiece, Vertigo. The American Cinematheque will be presenting the hauntingly beautiful film on the big screen in actual 70mm film stock for its 60th anniversary. With its hypnotic visuals and palpably wistful characters, Hitchcock’s psychological suspense thriller continues to entrance audiences decades after its initial release. Don't miss this rare opportunity to see it on the big screen with one of its stars in attendance.

Although I prefer the Novak/Stewart production of Bell, Book and Candle, Vertigo holds a special attraction for many film devotees. It is especially appealing to Hitchcock fans who like the master's forays into psycho-analysis. In this case, it's Jimmy Stewart who suffers from a paralyzing past experience. He plays a retired San Francisco police detective "Scottie" Ferguson who becomes obsessed with Madeleine (Kim Novak), a troubled woman he is privately hired to follow. Before he can get too close, tragedy strikes. Scottie’s obsession with the glacial blonde spirals out of control, and reaches a fever pitch when he stumbles upon another girl, Judy (also played by Novak), who bears a striking resemblance to Madeleine. Naturally, complications pile up and Stewart finds himself in an uncontrollable situation that threatens his own safety, physical as well as mental.

No doubt tickets will sell out fast, so act now and get you ticket while they're still available. he program will take place Thursday, May 17 at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, and will begin with a conversation with actress Kim Novak before the screening. So, don't be late!

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