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Welcome To The New ClassicFilmFan

It’s my birthday! And to celebrate I’m posting the beta test of ClassicFilmFan’s site wide redesign. Yeah! Happy birthday to me! I’ve been working long and hard these past few months to create something more up to date, more “user-friendly”, and more fun to use. Also, my old computer died and the new one won’t support the old programming. So, I guess you could say that this day was inevitable.

It was a long and difficult struggle to get all of the old posts from the original site without the data from my old computer. It died expectantly in October, but it had been giving me problems before that so the backups weren’t happening the way they were suppose to. Needless to say, I will be the back up queen from now on. And future posts on this site will be far more regular, and reliable. We appreciate you hanging in with us, and we welcome you back with open arms! Hopefully we’ll attract a lot more fans as well, and hope that you’ll spread the word to your classic film loving friends!

Serendipitously, the re-design comes just in time for our team’s coverage of the approaching 2017 TCMFF. As excited as ever as we at ClassicFilmFan are about the Turner Classic Movies Classic Film Festival we are especially psyched to be doing it all with our brand-new look. Particularly since we now have a podcast page! As many of you who attend the TCMFF know, it can be challenging to do much more than talk about the festival while it’s happening, and now we can get those conversations up for your listening pleasure ASAP. Naturally, full written critique of the festival and other events will continue as ever, and the classic film reviews still exist on their corresponding pages.

Take a look, explore, and interact with the new ClassicFilmFan website temporarily housed at Wix before its permanent move back to (you can still see the old site and compare). Then please tell us what you think. It is our hope that you’ll love what you find, but there’s always room for improvement, and we’re open to your suggestions and criticisms. After all, we do this all for you! Well, and we like to hear ourselves talk, but other than that it’s a selfless endeavor. Aren’t we wonderful?! Enjoy! And viva la classic cinema!

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