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Turner Classic Movies: TCM

If you watch classic films on TV then more than likely you know about Turner Classic Movies (TCM). If you don't already know about the greatest channel for dedicated old movie lovers then you really need to find out. Because TCM is what all other classic film stations aspire to be.

Launched in 1994, TCM came along at a time when classic films were mostly relegated to filling in the odd hours on local television stations. There were some exceptions such as Channel Z in Los Angeles (one of the first pay stations in the US) and others around the country. But the only real national station dedicated to the movies of yesteryear was AMC. Even then the station whose initials stand for "American Movie Classics" was beginning to show strains from lack of support, both from the public as well as its corporate headquarters. There was a switch from older, well-informed hosts to a younger face just before the channel gave up to economic pressure and started having commercial . Not only that, but the so called classics were no longer golden oldies, but films mostly from the 80s and 90s with John Wayne films repeating endlessly on the weekends.interruptions

Thank goodness TCM came along. It basically picked up the baton where AMC had dropped it and started to run a marathon that hasn't stopped since. And that's now over sixteen years! The films from all the many ages of cinema are aired 24/7 without commercial interruption. On top of that they have specialty programming for stars of the month, silent films, independent filmmakers, topics of focus, and so much more. It's really the only choice out there for catching the films you love, the one's you've always wanted to see, and the one's you didn't even know existed. Just give it a look and you'll see what I mean. And be sure to check out their award winning website. There's everything you'll want to know about the channel right there, including the monthly listing of everything showing, and the latest news, as well as information on events, and books, and etc., etc., etc. Can you tell I love TCM? Once you've tuned in I'm sure you'll love it too.

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