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Do you like a good conversation about classic films? How about an honest one without the fancy phrases of a cinephile aficionado? Then FlixWise is for you. A clear, straightforward conversation between a few well-informed film fans is what this podcast is all about. Sure, several of the guests have gone to film school, but that doesn’t keep them from calling it like they see it. Nor does it keep them from disagreeing with the opinions of so-called experts, or even each other. Heck, one time on the show I actually disagreed with my self. That’s the kind of show I’m talking about.

Host, Pauline Lampert encourages one to declare a stance regarding one’s criticism, and is the first to fuel the flames of a friendly battle of opinion as long as the banter is witty and entertaining. And above all, this show will entertain you as you listen to the panel of guests praise, critique, coo and pick apart this famous list of “must-see” films. Even when it comes to the most revered of films (Citizen Kane, Gone with the Wind, The Godfather), the FlixWise people are going to give you a fresh view on the same old movies, providing a perspective that is unique and relatable to today’s younger fans of classic Hollywood.

I don’t know how long Lady P (Pauline Lampert) can keep this up; after all the must see list created by BFI is only a list of 250 films. But then again, there are other lists that could use a “Don Quixote – like” treatment. FlixWise is not out to burst any bubbles, they just want to keep cinema within reach of its intended audience (the masses) by keeping the discussion as interesting and accessible as the films themselves.

I encourage you to drop by FlixWise and eavesdrop (use the image above as a link), and be sure to follow on Facebook and Twitter. I also want you to remember the name, Pauline Lampert. I think in no time you’ll be seeing it regularly when the topic of respected classic cinema critics pops up. Perhaps we’ll even see her appear on the small screen. I know I’d tune in to see (and hear) that.

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